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The Factory of the Future

How Disruptive Technologies and Megatrends Will Shape Manufacturing

Technologies and trends are having a profound impact on manufacturing all around the globe. Increased connectivity between devices and consumer products brings with it the opportunity to gain market share.

This Epicor eBook highlights life- and business-changing megatrends with new technological tools that will enable your manufacturing business to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce cost

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Epicor ERP Customer Quote

“To support growth goals the company is leveraging Epicor to assist in simplifying processes, supporting greater production volume and streamlining compliance.”.

– Bill Waldoch, General Manager, Waldoch

Epicor Software Corporation promotes business growth. We provide flexible, industry-specific software that is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements is built into every solution—in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions spur growth while managing complexity. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business.