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Has Australia entered the ‘Aged Care 2.0’ era?

Our aged care system has served Australia relatively well up until this point. However, it is clear that the system as a whole needs to change. Here’s why:

20-odd years ago the term ‘Web 2.0’ was introduced to describe the changing nature of the World Wide Web. An array of web applications changed how the internet was used, and transformed the world economy. With enhanced competitive pressures, an ageing population with unique needs and wants, and a changing legislative and funding landscape, the aged care industry is arguably approaching its own transformational era.

It is projected that by 2061, almost one in four Australians will be 65 and over. This translates to an increase from 3.2 million to as high as 10.6 million people. With this projected increase, and should this cohort continue to experience relatively longer periods of ill-health with less informal care predicted, it would have a devastating impact on an aged care system already under financial stress.

Change presents opportunities for innovation and growth. Successful organisations of the future will be those that effectively balance commercial imperatives with a quality of care that places residents at the centre of everything the organisation does.

As the aged care system will likely have its ‘Aged Care 2.0’ moment in the near future, it is important that your organisation has well defined strategic plans, and that your key internal stakeholders are aligned to the organisation’s vision.

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