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In this webcast we will zero in on the entry point of all Epicor ECM (DocStar) workflows: Intelligent Data Capture. Epicor IDC is capable of identifying and capturing data from nearly any business document, thus eliminating hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides “Document Understanding,” in this revolutionary solution to automatically distinguish among thousands of document types and formats, allowing for the high-speed capture (OCR or ICR*), classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of most any document received by your company—all this without hours of building zonal capture templates.

Join us on May 25 to discover how Epicor IDC can potentially double or triple the output of staff members processing inbound forms, without making them work harder.

Date: May 25th, 2021
Time: 10:00 am CST



Elizabeth Cain
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Epicor Software

Neil Henson
Solutions Engineer
Epicor Software

"Epicor allows us to expand on the visibility of various data points in the company. As a manufacturer, there's a lot of information that comes back from machines on the shop floor, so now we can review that data to make better business decisions. Real-time information is critical for production planning purposes as we manage orders that come in throughout the day, and it's also important we have current, up-to-date information for our customers and vendors." 

- Christian Boddaert, IT Manager, Axelgaard Manufacturing

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