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Implementing Lean Practices in Your LBM Business

An LBM Journal Webinar featuring Scott Morrison, presented by Epicor Software

Join Scott Morrison on February 22, 2018 for the inaugural LBM Journal webinar focused on lean best practices for the lumber and building materials business.

Lean management focuses on continuous improvement, and its techniques tackle the systematic reduction of waste. This can be accomplished through key best practices such as disciplined housekeeping and organization, reducing truck turnaround time, and implementing single-piece flow in your business. As well, solutions from LBM-specific providers, such as Epicor BisTrack, can assist with lean processes, managing goals and tracking performance.

In this webinar, Scott will discuss best solutions to eliminate waste and streamline your processes, including:

  1. Reducing motion and transportation in both yards and production.
  2. Reducing waiting and turnaround time in the yard.
  3. Appropriate inventory turns (not too much, not too little).
  4. Increasing picking efficiency in the yard,
  5. Using tools and business intelligence to track goals and performance, with examples from Epicor.
Date: February 22, 2018
Time: 9 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. CT


About Scott Morrison:

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering, plus over thirty years’ experience in engineering, quality, production, and operations management, Scott has a vast background of education and knowledge to help LBM business leaders discover the root cause(s) of productivity problems. Learn more about Scott Morrison here.

About LBM Journal and Rick Schumacher:

Rick Schumacher is the editor, publisher and founder of LBM Journal, the leading media company serving lumber/building material distribution pros. As one of only two national magazines focused specifically on the LBM industry. The LBM Journal mission is to deliver a mix of strategic, street-level business intelligence with a big picture perspective of where our industry is, and where it’s going. Their goal is to give our readers the insights and tools that they need to thrive in an extremely competitive industry, and to provide advertisers with a compelling, entertaining and credible vehicle to deliver their message. Learn more about LBM Journal here.

Epicor and Star Lumber & Supply Co.

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