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Featuring Craig Webb, Webb Analytics, LLC.
Presented by Epicor Software

Hear from Craig Webb, LBM industry analyst, how the LBM industry is reacting to the recent public health situation, and ideas to adjust your business now and in the near future as events unfold. Craig covers his ongoing examination and findings, including:

  • What are LBM businesses doing right now.
    • Employee safety, operations, and communications.
    • Business operations and customer communications.
  • What businesses are considering implementing to prepare for when things steady.
    • Regardless of recession or recovery, use of real-time data about their customers to make decisions.
    • Remembering how the LBM industry handled the recession.
    • Preparing for compounded changes on the already changing supply chain, including status of housing starts.
    • Will we continue to have a labor shortage? And regardless, employee training, appreciation and tools might evolve.

Epicor guests also share ideas and thoughts from multiple LBM businesses that were interviewed on their current state of business.

Recorded on: March 26, 2020


Presenter: Craig Webb, Webb Analytics
  • Kevin Hodge, Epicor Software
  • Graham Rigby, Epicor Software

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